01 / Industrial

Specialists in designing building services for the industrial sector.

At DSSR, we have comprehensive building services design experience within the industrial sector. Our team of experienced engineers and designers possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges and complexities of designing building systems for industrial facilities, such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. We specialize in developing innovative and cost-effective solutions that maximize energy efficiency, optimise operations, and ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Our ability to provide tailored building services design in the industrial sector makes DSSR a valuable partner for businesses looking to design sustainable facilities with innovative, energy-efficient building services

02 / Sustainability

Sustainability in the Industrial sector

Energy efficiency has always been a vital consideration within every design created by DSSR. Over the past 75 years, we have demonstrated that we are specialists in designing energy-efficient buildings across a wide range of professional sectors, utilising innovative MEP designs, and applying the latest design technologies.

We have extensive experience in working with industrial clients to both decarbonise existing buildings and design new net zero carbon facilities.

This includes decarbonised heating solutions, exploring heat recovery options from what is generated during industrial processes, replacing/strengthening existing roofs to improve insulation levels and accommodate solar PV, and sizing and integrating solar PV solutions within buildings.

Through the use of our dynamic simulation building performance modelling tools, DSSR can advise on the impact of building layout, MEP strategies as well as low and zero-carbon technologies, to ensure that only the most effective solutions are integrated into the design at a stage when the value can be maximised.

DSSR has also developed solutions that allow on-site generation to be maximised and demand controlled, using thermal storage, waste heat transfer to other local buildings, and battery storage. There are different routes available to help achieve a low-carbon building solution. The MEP strategy and fuel source use are key elements of this.

03 / Industrial Heating Options

Heating options in industrial spaces

With decades of experience in the sector, DSSR has invaluable experience in a diverse range of industrial heating solutions, from historic to modern—and everything in between.

From gas-fired induction ventilation systems to air-source heat pumps, DSSR can provide designs and guidance for a range of efficient systems for managing temperatures within unique industrial spaces.

Our solutions can look to utilise the existing systems in the most efficient manner possible, retaining plant and ductwork, or we can propose entirely new solutions to existing problems—such as seasonal overheating or how to achieve better energy efficiency.

Many industrial spaces are now introducing air-sourced heat pump systems. By providing both heating and cooling, this solution can enhance comfort conditions in a variety of spaces. As this type of system is fully electric, it can valuable in enhancing a company’s decarbonisation credentials particularly as the power grid itself is progressively decarbonised. This type of solution is more expensive than the refurbishment of an existing boiler system, but if the existing system proves not to be economically recoverable, it is worth investigating the transition to air-source heat pumps.

04 / Heat Recovery Options

Heat recovery options and integration with site heating system

One of the areas where DSSR can add significant value to our client’s industrial facilities is in the design of heat recovery systems which are designed to recover the waste heat generated by various industrial processes.

This process is designed to capture and repurpose recovered heat for other purposes such as space heating, water heating, or even to generate electricity. These systems can help businesses save money on energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their overall efficiency.

DSSR’s ability to design heat recovery systems is based on our expertise in a number of different areas, including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. We have a deep understanding of the properties of various materials, as well as the ability to analyse and optimize complex systems. DSSR will also work closely with the client to ensure that the design meets their specific requirements and is optimized for their unique operating conditions. This may involve conducting simulations or other tests to validate the design before it is implemented.

Overall, DSSR’s ability to design heat recovery systems is a valuable asset for any business looking to improve its energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we help our clients to realise significant cost savings and other benefits through the use of advanced heat recovery technology.

05 / Industrial Experience

Our Industrial Experience

  • Scania Decarbonised Buildings, Eurocentral – DSSR provided a full mechanical, electrical and energy design service for a new Scania Servicing Facility in Eurocentral, Central Scotland. This project is intended to be an exemplar for future Scania service facility roll-outs, a number of which are already commencing.
  • DPD Storage & Distribution Building at Eurocentral – DSSR provided performance duties including establishing concept design, utility applications, planning stage building performance modelling, and BREEAM Assessor duties.
  • Co-op De-kit Facility, Newhouse – DSSR provided performance duties including establishing concept design, utility applications and planning stage building performance modelling to meet the energy legislative requirements. Duties also include relocation/diversion of on-site utilities and consultation with SPEN in relation to on-site overhead pylons. DSSR also provided BREEAM Assessor role.
  • Co-op Inverness – DSSR carried out performance duties with diligence, monitoring and sign-off on behalf of the Client for a new refrigerated storage building, also managing the introduction of new utility services to the greenfield site as well as BREEAM assessor services.
05 / Industrial Experience (continued)

Our Industrial Experience

  • Blue Box Stirling – DSSR provided full M&E design services for a new food-safe packaging facility in Stirling.
  • Compack, Livingston – Refurbishment of former pharmaceutical production facility to create new packaging facility for Compack.
  • Highland Spring Bottling Facility – DSSR was responsible for the full M&E Design of a new factory extension for an existing production and bottling facility. The extension was designed to accommodate a 72,000-litre bottling line with associated pallet storage, loading/marshalling area, staff offices, ancillary facilities, and a conveyor-line extension.
  • Oceaneering – DSSR fully developed the MEP Cat A and Cat B specifications for a purpose-built workshop and office. The new facility comprises of 1,000m² of office space over two levels, a 7,000m² workshop, and an 8,800m² external yard which includes a remotely-operated underwater vehicle test tank.
  • Spirit Aerosystems Aerospace Innovation Centre – DSSR delivered a full MEP services design for the new Aerospace Innovation Centre facility, from concept design through to contract completion and commissioning stage. The works included site-wide utility infrastructure alterations and connections to site-wide private infrastructure to support the construction of the facility.
05 / Industrial Experience (continued)

Our Industrial Experience

  • Lowestoft New Ops & Maintenance Building for SPEN – DSSR provided full MEP design duties for new offices, warehouse/ workshop for Scottish Power’s £6million onshore support facilities.
  • Arnold Clark Portfolio – DSSR has a longstanding relationship with Arnold Clark, providing the design of MEP services for a range of sites, including motor stores, training centres, and innovation centres. With specialist functions, the building services are highly bespoke and require DSSR to interface with incumbent client specialists to meet their unique service requirements. The interfaces to service processes can include vehicle exhaust bays, workshop equipment, facilities to support spray painting, valet / washing facilities, bespoke vehicle photography area to support online marketing, engine oil etc.
  • Clyde Gateway Plot 6A – DSSR provided performance duties including establishment of concept design and utilities strategy, including full building performance modelling, for the first phase development on the Clyde Gateway East site at London Road, Glasgow. This first phase involved the development of approximately 60,000 sq ft of speculative modern industrial warehousing.
05 / Industrial Experience (continued)

Our Industrial Experience

  • Clyde Gateway East London Road Glasgow – Within the Clyde Gateway site, Glasgow, DSSR contributed to the design of three new energy-efficient warehouse units. All three units achieved EPC A-rating, with the building energy rating for unit 606 being close to zero carbon (BER=5kgCO2/sqm*yr). DSSR was responsible for the performance specification for the mechanical services design and installation, in compliance with the Employer’s and building regulatory requirements.
  • Aggreko – The new state-of-the-art generator assembly facility for Aggreko Ltd includes the creation of a new generator test facility, with DSSR responsible for highly bespoke services that included specific acoustic and airflow calculations for the new 170,000 sq ft facility (including 30,000 sq ft of offices).
  • Coherent Manufacturing Facility & Offices – DSSR provided full MEP design duties for the £5m Coherent New Build Offices & Manufacturing Facility. We delivered the detailed design for the bespoke new laser manufacturing facility which includes Class 1,000 & 10,000 clean rooms, production facilities along with supporting office area. Later, we also provided consultation for the extension of the existing laser manufacturing plant, comprising the addition of a circa 700 m2 ISO6 cleanroom, together with laser R&D laboratory accommodation, and associated office & warehouse spaces.
05 / Industrial Experience (continued)

Our Industrial Experience

  • Dunbar Energy from Waste Facility – DSSR provided a full mechanical and electrical design service to a £177 million energy recovery facility (ERF) for Viridor. The facility encourages waste reduction, boosts recycling, recovers vital low-carbon energy from what remains, and is capable of diverting up to 300,000 tonnes of post-recycling ‘residual waste’ from landfills and contributing to Scottish energy security.
  • News International (Broxbourne & Knowsley) – At Broxbourne (1.1m ft²), DSSR assisted with the Outline Scheme Design for the D&B tender and was subsequently novated to Carillon for the design development. At Knowsley (350,000ft²), we provided the full design of all building services and process support services, including hook-up supporting reel handling and storage, printing and post press. DSSR was also retained as Client Advisor/Design Guardian.
06 / Case Studies

Relevant Case Studies

Below is a selection of case studies demonstrating our experience and expertise within the Industrial sector:

07 / Sector Lead

Gordon Smith


Gordon is a Director in the company and runs a multi-disciplinary team of MEP Engineers.

With a career spanning over 35 years with DSSR, Gordon brings an extensive experience of managing the delivery of building services in a variety of markets and sectors.

He brings a wide range of electrical engineering experience including high voltage knowledge, LZC solutions and IT network integration within buildings.

The combination of environmental and engineering expertise enables Gordon to deliver sustainable yet appropriate design solutions and advise his design team on the holistic approach required to achieve a sustainable design solution for the building and its services.

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