01 / Sustainability Benchmarking

Specialist In Sustainability Benchmarking

Sustainability Benchmarking is not just a tick box exercise used to demonstrate that a level of good practice has been achieved. It is an integrated approach that forms a key part of the design and the decisions made resulting in exceptional performing buildings.

Our team of Sustainability Specialist includes certified BREEAM assessors and BREEAM Advisory Professionals (AP) are active members of the design team and help to inform design, construction and in-use decisions and the project we work on constantly exceed their initial targets.

Our approach is proactive and pragmatic, and with over 20 years working on BREEAM Certified Schemes since the launch of the 1998 Office Scheme, our in depth knowledge of the full range of sustainability criteria allows us to provide expert guidance on how best to achieve your Sustainability Targets whether you are looking for BREEAM certification, wish to develop your own Sustainability Frame work or are using another Benchmarking Tool.


Our certified BREEAM Assessors provide assessments for New Construction, Refurbishment and Fit out projects across all sectors.

03 / BREEAM Advisory Professionals

BREEAM Advisory Professionals

A BREEAM Advisory Professional is a specialist who project teams can turn to for assistance during the BREEAM assessment process. This expert is able to support a project team as they work towards their BREEAM target rating, enhancing the consideration of sustainable design throughout the design and construction process.

With the support of a BREEAM Advisory Professional, project teams are able to optimise the environmental performance of their projects in a cost-effective manner, and be confident of achieving the desired BREEAM rating.

Appointing one of our BREEAM Advisory Professionals (AP) early in the project helps achieve the highest possible rating. With early engagement, APs will help to avoid impacts on the flexibility of design decisions, budgets and potential solutions by working with the project team to identify which credits should be targeted.

Our BREEAM APs have specialist skills in Sustainability and Environmental Design, and a high level of competence in the Assessment process. This role goes significantly beyond that of an Assessor, providing expert advice on a more regular basis on Issues that need to be addressed to achieve a particular rating. APs help the Client and Design Team manage the BREEAM Process more efficiently, often reducing the cost of implementing BREEAM.

As part of our BREEAM Accredited Professional Service we provide one to one support to the project delivery team, offering guidance on how best to optimise BREEAM credits, they will also chair specific workshops and provide supporting evidence that will help the team secure early stage credits which could be lost without this input.

The range of additional services are tailored to suit your project but includes:

• Providing regular progress updates
• Advising on opportunities to improve rating.
• Advising on approximate costs associated with achieving credits and helping to select the issues that provide the highest benefits.
• Advising how BREEAM criteria can integrate with other project requirements for Planning or the client’s vision for carbon offsetting and carbon neutrality.
• Developing a Sustainable procurement plan where this is not available.
• Material efficiency strategies
• Chairing workshop on adaption to climate change
• Chairing workshop on design for disassembly and adaption
• Providing input to the Contract specification to ensure Sustainability requirements are clearly defined without ambiguity.

04 / Other Sustainability Benchmarking Standards and Tools

Sustainability and property benchmarking standards

Our familiarity with the (ever-growing) list of Sustainability and Property benchmarking standards allows us to improve sustainability in projects across sectors.

  • BREEAM (UK) New Construction
  • BREEAM (UK) Refurbishment and Fit Out
  • BREEAM Communities
  • LEED
  • WELL Building Standard
  • SKA rating (RICS)
  • Passivhaus
  • NHS Scotland SHTN 02.01 – Sustainable Design and Construction (SDaC)
  • Home Quality Mark (UK)
  • EcoHomes (UK)
  • Fitwel
  • RIBA 2030 Challenge
  • UK Green Building Council – A Net Zero Carbon Framework
  • Better Buildings Partnership: Sustainability Benchmarking Toolki
  • CRREM – Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor Toolkit
  • WiredScore
  • SmartScore
05 / Specialist Lead

Fiona Williamson

Regional Director

Fiona has been working on BREEAM Certified projects since the early 2000’s, has been a BREEAM Assessor since 2008 and a BREEAM AP since 2012.

Having managed more than 50 full certified projects and countless Pre-assessments undertaken across all sectors, her experience comes with pragmatic and commercially aware support for your projects.

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