01 / Energy Performance Studies Expertise

Reducing project costs through energy efficiency.

Through effective Building Performance Modelling our modellers have provided advice to the designers that results in a reduction of building services plant required to meet the occupants requirements, providing more lettable space (due to less plant space), lower capital cost, lower maintenance costs and lower energy demands.

02 / Energy Performance Study Specialists

At DSSR we have an in-house award-winning Building Performance Modelling (BPM) team who uses their expertise to provide innovative solutions to building design.

Our designs help to improve occupant health and well-being, reduce energy consumption, global warming emissions, reduce operational costs, and help to achieve compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements.

Modelling internal environments for future climate change scenarios has been completed on projects where the building operator is looking for solutions that increase occupant comfort and help maximise the operational life of buildings.

Where future adaptability is a requirement in a project, our Building Performance Modellers can provide building simulation models. When integrated with BIM models, this information allows the design team to efficiently review the potential impact of future changes to the building.

03 / Energy Performance Study Specialists

DSSR have extensive experience in supporting building acquisition and refurbishment projects by delivering holistic building energy studies to our clients.

Our services provide guidance on EPC improvement and building decarbonisation pathways while considering capital costs as well as practical limitations and further considerations for each improvement recommendation.

Our unique service helps our clients understand the scope of work surrounding a selection of improvement options as well as financial investments in pounds spent per kilogram carbon emission saving prior to funding applications and final decision making.

At DSSR we pride ourselves that our combined expertise in energy modelling and building services condition surveys & design can deliver added value to our clients for both design developments for new builds as well as refurbishment strategies for existing building stock. This can be for a single building only or involve large building estates.

04 / Specialist Lead

Carina McKinney


Carina is a Chartered Engineer and accredited Low Carbon Energy Assessor (UK wide) & Section 63 Advisor (Scotland) with nearly 20 years’ experience in Building Performance Modelling.

Carina leads our centre of building modelling expertise and has extensive experience in using the IES virtual environment software to provide modelling assessments throughout the building design and construction.

This includes decarbonisation studies, daylighting and occupant comfort studies, operational energy assessments, Section 6 and Part L testing and energy performance optimisation reviews.

Carina has developed particular knowledge of providing cost-effective building improvement advise for new and existing buildings, with a look ahead to future industry requirements.

06 / Contact

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