01 / High Voltage

DSSR has extensive experience in the delivery of a wide range of electrical engineering and high voltage projects.

DSSR's clients benefit from the expertise of our high-voltage specialists based throughout the UK. We have extensive high-voltage project experience across a number of years and project sectors. Our experience grew from the provision of MEPH consultancy at the Glasgow Shipyards (mainly John Browns/ Kvaerner and now owned by BAE Systems) in the 1960s/70s with their 6.6kV and then 11kV networks, through the years to the delivery of many high voltage schemes across a number of projects, across all of our offices.

02 / High Voltage Design

Mitigate potential risks and designing fail-safe mechanisms

DSSR’s expertise in high voltage design is grounded in adherence to national standards and guidance, including BS EN 50522, BS EN 62271, BS EN 60076, ENA publications, and HTM06-01. These standards ensure that our high-voltage designs are created to be safe, reliable, and maintainable, meeting the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Our proactive approach to high-voltage design ensures that we identify and mitigate potential risks, incorporating redundancy and fail-safe mechanisms to minimize single points of failure. Our designs are created with resilience in mind so that high-voltage systems can withstand potential challenges and continue to operate safely and reliably.

03 / Safety, Reliability, and Maintainability

Design for efficiency and cost-effective maintenance

DSSR’s focus on maintainability is essential for ensuring the ongoing safety and reliability of high-voltage systems. We recognise that regular maintenance is essential, and our designs are created to be efficient and cost-effective to maintain. Our experience and expertise allow us to create high-voltage systems that are not only safe and reliable but also easy to maintain. Our commitment to delivering high-quality high-voltage designs means that we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, tailoring our designs to meet those needs while also complying with relevant standards and regulations. DSSR’s dedication to safety, reliability, and maintainability ensures that our high-voltage designs provide long-lasting benefits in terms of cost savings, safety, and efficiency.

04 / Specific HV Experience
  • Rolls Royce, Inchinnan – DSSR appointed as MEPH consultants for the new build 500,000 sq ft facility, including the introduction of a new 11kV, SPEN supply and the design of the high voltage network including multiple distributed 11kV/ 400v transformer based substations.
  • Edinburgh Airport – Reinforcement and reconfiguration of existing 11kV network on the site. The reconfiguration works included the introduction of a new SPEN 11kV supply and establishment of new 11kV intake substation together with the creation of new 11kV ring networks within the airport.
  • RAF Lossiemouth – Project included extensive replacement of new site intake 11kV substation, installation of new 11kV ring circuit cabling, new 11/415kV distributed transformers, new Ring Main Units and protection / grading study.
  • Kirkcudbright Army Training Base – Complete replacement & rationalization of the existing 11kV network. This included the installation of underground cable (in lieu of existing overhead lines), to help reduce maintenance and outages on the site. The project included the complete replacement of existing head-end 11kV switchgear and enclosing new transformers/ring main units within GRP enclosures, to aid maintenance activities.
05 / Specific HV Experience
  • Chemring Energetics, Ardeeer – Introduction of new SPEN 11kV site supply, establishment of new 11kV intake substation and the reconfiguration of the Chemring private 11kV network, together with rationalisation of existing high voltage networks to create a new more secure network.
  • Fleetwood & Fazakerley Wind Turbines – 11kV works required to connect large scale wind turbines. Survey of 11kV infrastructure, preparation of drawings & specification to incorporate additional 11/415kV transformer onto existing network, all to facilitate installation of wind turbines on 2 separate United Utilities sites.
  • Kvaerner Shipyards, Govan – Phased upgrade of 6.6kV/ 11kV network throughout the site over many years.
  • Aggreko – The new state-of-the-art generator assembly facility for Aggreko Ltd. DSSR provided a full M&E design service, which also included the establishment of a new 11kV network capable of exporting to the grid during generator testing.
  • Spirit Aviation, Prestwick – DSSR have been involved with projects with the site for a number of years, with many of these requiring works on and alterations to the existing 11kV network.
  • Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh – Design of a replacement electrical control system for the 11kV network to ensure the HV generator installation can support the Hospital in the event of a mains failure within the project agreement.
06 / Specific HV Experience
  • Southmead Hospital PFI – 110,000m2 New Build Hospital Development. Included new high voltage network design and protection grading study.
  • MOD Site, Cyprus – The development of the site HV network and LV infrastructure to provide a robust electrical network to meet the requirements of the site.
  • Enniskillen Hospital, Ireland – A new build 6 storey, 350 bed, Acute Hospital comprising, included new high voltage network design and protection grading study.
  • Manchester Joint Hospitals (PFI) – A redevelopment of the MRI site, providing 1000 additional inpatient bedded accommodation, 35 operating theatre suites, intensive baby care facility, Paediatric A&E Department – in total, over 120 new departments. Included the redesign of the complete HV network to provide HV generation and the addition of two new HV rings.
  • University College London Hospital (PFI) – The development incorporated a new 630 bed acute teaching hospital, with all supporting departments, i.e. Therapies including Hydro Therapy Pool, Operating Theatre, OPD, Radio Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, In-patient accommodation etc. Included new high voltage network design and protection grading study.
07 / Specialist Lead

Steve Robertson

Regional Director

Steve is a chartered engineer registered with CIBSE (MCIBSE C Eng) and the IET (MIET).

He has worked on numerous successful HV projects on large-scale Hospital developments and has extensive knowledge of multi-substation system design with distribution switchgear and protection, transformers, and HV standby generation.
Steve is experienced in advising on the most appropriate HV distribution system solution, in terms of switchgear and protection types and transformer types based on location, appropriate for the client requirements and the site constraints, developing HV systems from early stage feasibility through all stages of design and during installation stage providing site inspection and commissioning support.

06 / Contact

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