01 / Defence Sector

DSSR has supported building services consultancy to the Defence sector over many years

It takes a specialist supplier to work in this sector as they must be able to meet the specific requirements, including complying with extensive standards and publications. This includes being able to design key systems for facilities that are efficient, resilient, and able to meet a wide range of criteria.

02 / Defence Standards & Regulations

Operating to strict Defence standards and regulations

DSSR has an established track record in the design of building services for refurbishment projects, extension projects, and the creation of new facilities for a variety of Defence sector sites throughout the UK.

In order to operate within the most highly regulated of environments, DSSR adheres to comprehensive safety, security and technical standards to ensure the successful delivery of our projects. Our designs are based on the expert knowledge of engineers from all disciplines of MEP design and project management.

03 / Case Study

Case Study - Glen Mallan Northern Ammunition Jetty

DSSR is delighted to be associated with the Glen Mallan Northern Ammunition Jetty, which won the Best Infrastructure Project Award at Scotland’s top civil engineering awards ceremony.

Located at Loch Long, this project was to refurbish a jetty to support the £7bn Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers programme. The aim of the project was to extend the design life of the existing facility by 50 years and build a new 135m long jetty, capable of meeting the needs of the British Naval surface fleet.

DSSR was part of a team including Arch Henderson LLP and lead contactor Volker Steven, who worked to realise the delivery of this prestigious development and was responsible for the design of all mechanical, electrical and fire-safety systems.

This category of the Scottish Civil Engineering Awards recognises civil engineering excellence in the design and construction of transport, geotechnical or water engineering; energy, waste or regeneration.

04 / Sector Lead

Robbie Jalal


Robbie brings with him a wealth of experience in the design and development of building services engineering having worked in various industry sectors for over 20 years.

Robbie’s strengths are working within multi-disciplined project teams. His strong leadership and organisational qualities culminate in Robbie successfully co-ordinating the many design functions to deliver schemes for the client safely and successfully.

With his extensive knowledge of computer software and systems associated with the design of M&E systems, Robbie develops and explores these design tools to enhance the design process for both colleagues and clients.

05 / Contact

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