01 / Primary & Secondary Education

Specialists in designing building services for the Primary & Secondary education sector.

DSSR is well-equipped to provide building services design for Primary & Secondary Education projects; our ability to combine technical expertise with a collaborative approach makes us an ideal partner for any education-related building project.

02 / Thermal Comfort

Creating efficient learning spaces by managing thermal comfort

DSSR Consulting Engineers has a strong ability to design for thermal comfort, which is crucial for creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments. We understand the importance of thermal comfort in maintaining occupant satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being, and incorporate this knowledge into our designs.

Our approach to designing for thermal comfort is based on a comprehensive understanding of the many factors that contribute to it, such as air temperature, humidity, air velocity, and radiant temperature. We use advanced modelling tools and techniques to assess these factors and develop solutions which optimise thermal comfort while also minimising energy consumption and environmental impact.

Furthermore, DSSR Consulting Engineers recognises that thermal comfort requirements can vary widely depending on the context and specific needs of each project. We work closely with clients to develop a detailed understanding of the building’s intended use, occupancy patterns, and other relevant factors, in order to develop customised design solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project.

03 / ASN Experience

Design which considers additional support needs (ASN)

DSSR recognises that we have a responsibility to provide inclusive and accessible spaces, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

Our approach to designing for additional support needs is based on a deep understanding of the specific challenges faced by students with a range of disabilities and support needs. We work closely with educators, specialists, and other stakeholders to develop solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each student.

Our holistic approach to designing for additional support needs includes considering physical access, sensory requirements, lighting, acoustics, and other factors—developing solutions that are both functional and efficient.

We recognise that the needs of students with additional support needs can vary widely depending on the specific disabilities and support requirements, and we are capable of developing customised design solutions which meet the specific requirements of each project’s unique environment.

04 / Passivhaus Principles

Following Passivhaus principles to develop sustainable buildings

To achieve Passivhaus certification, buildings must meet strict requirements for thermal insulation, air tightness, and ventilation. DSSR Consulting Engineers possess the technical expertise and experience to design building systems which fulfil these requirements, ensuring that buildings can maintain a comfortable indoor climate with minimal energy consumption.

We use the latest technology and software tools to accurately model and simulate building performance, predict energy usage, and identify areas where improvements can be made. With this advanced analytical capability, DSSR engineers can optimise building designs to achieve maximum energy efficiency while meeting the stringent standards of Passivhaus certification.

DSSR has experience dealing with Passivhaus standards on a new Mental Health Secure Inpatient Support Unit for the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board where we are providing energy modelling analysis to provide pathways to a net zero carbon design solution.

A key element in any cost metric is to be aware of the offsetting cost benefits through reduced heating input and associated plant. We have utilised hybrid and mixed-mode ventilation for classrooms at Winchburgh and SFT Pathfinder Schools so are aware of the potential impact on space, acoustics and coordination that need to be factored into the design.

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05 / Digital Integration

Supporting the digital transformation of the learning experience

DSSR is highly skilled in providing building services that support the introduction of the latest learning technology to primary and secondary schools. This includes the installation of advanced audio-visual systems, energy-efficient lighting, and high-speed data networks, among others.

We also have expertise in integrating learning technology into existing school infrastructure, ensuring that new systems are seamlessly integrated with older ones. This approach can help schools to save on costs while also providing students with the latest and most effective learning tools.

Furthermore, DSSR Consulting Engineers is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency. We can design and implement building services that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, benefiting the environment and reducing costs for schools.

DSSR is well-equipped to provide building services that support the introduction of learning technology in schools. With our technical expertise, commitment to sustainability, and current understanding of educational technology, we can help schools to create a modern and efficient learning environment that meets the needs of students and teachers.

06 / Case Studies

Relevant Case Studies

Below is a selection of case studies demonstrating our experience and expertise within the Primary & Secondary Education sector:

07 / Sector Lead

Stuart Brand

Regional Director

Stuart is a Regional Director with 21 years of experience with DSSR and manages a multi-disciplinary team specialising in delivering successful primary & secondary education projects.

The main attributes that Stuart can bring to any project are his wide-ranging experience in mechanical design, his commitment to partnering and team working, his ability to engage with project teams, and his practical knowledge of sustainable design solutions required for modern-day premises.

08 / Contact

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