01 / Smart Building Automation

DSSR has been delivering Smart Building Automation for over 30 years.

Integration of several different building services ‘systems’ are commonplace in today’s environmentally conscious world to conserve energy and reduce capital expenditure. Smart Building Automation concepts rely on open protocols being available in all of the services to be integrated.

Typical ‘open protocol’ methods commonly used are BACnet, Modbus RTU, KNX and ProfiBus which are standard protocols approved and regulated by national or international standardisation committees. Systems benefiting from Smart Building Automation are BEMS, Lighting Management, Access Control Systems, Security Systems, Smoke Control Systems and specialist equipment such as Refrigeration / VRF and Electrical Generator PLC systems.

02 / Smart Building Automation Commissions

Integrated Control Schemes

We have designed several integrated control schemes for large projects including West Cumberland Hospital, Bristol Southmead Hospital, Astra Zeneca, Northumbria Emergency Care Centre and Almac Pharmaceuticals Ireland. The building services systems were seamlessly integrated at the high-level platform by the Building Energy Management System BEMS which provided the focal point for access to all services including graphic representation and data archiving for AM & T efficiency reports.

03 / Integrated Control Systems

Utilising the lighting system's PIR movement detectors

One example of our integrated control system involves utilising the lighting system’s PIR movement detectors to control room terminal units such as fan coils and chilled beams. This function allows the HVAC system to operate only when occupants are present in the room, saving energy and reducing costs. Additionally, we integrate the door access system to set back the heating control parameters. This means that the heating system can automatically adjust to the occupancy of the building, reducing energy usage during unoccupied periods.

We also optimize HVAC start/stop control related to building occupancy, allowing the system to operate at maximum efficiency based on the number of occupants in the building. As a safety feature, we switch escape route lighting systems during a fire alarm condition to ensure safe evacuation.

04 / Lighting Control Systems

Interlocking ventilation dampers

In another example of our integrated control system, we interlock ventilation dampers on departmental zones and branch ducts by the smart building automation directly between the BEMS and Lighting Control Systems. This function ensures that the ventilation system operates in synchronization with the lighting system, further enhancing energy efficiency and cost savings. The interlocking of ventilation dampers allows for a more targeted and effective distribution of fresh air throughout the building.

As standard practice, we use open communication protocols to ensure the transfer of software data is uniform in its operation philosophy and simple to integrate at the high-level platform. These protocols allow for a smooth transfer of information between different systems and ensure the seamless integration of various building services. By incorporating these functions and protocols into our integrated control system designs, we provide our clients with a comprehensive and sustainable solution that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

05 / Specialist Lead

Steve Lewis


Steve is based in our Manchester Office and manages our in-house Automatic Controls / BEMS design department for the DSSR practice.

Steve has many years of experience in the controls sector and has managed several projects from a BEMS perspective, including integration of all M & E services and intelligent smart building automation schemes.

07 / Contact

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