01 / Building Survey Expertise

DSSR specialises in providing MEPH Building surveys.

At DSSR we have been specialising in building services for more than 75 years—so we are uniquely well-placed to provide an accurate assessment of existing building systems. This includes assessing existing installations with advising on condition, the efficiency of operation, likely future economic life, Decarbonisation and preparing 10 year PPM Investment Schedules. DSSR specialise in providing technical advice to a potential purchaser of a property (pre-acquisition), providing advice to a property vendor (a letter of reliance), or end-of-lease terminations, acting for either the landlord or the tenant (dilapidations).

02 / MEPH Survey Experience

Condition surveys are an essential part of helping our clients understand their estate, providing behind-the-scenes insight into the current condition of assets.

In an MEP condition survey, DSSR assesses all building services to evaluate the effectiveness of each system, its reasonable life expectancy, and any other relevant information including estimated costs to maintain and replace over time.

We have a team of experienced, in-house surveyors who can evaluate entire estates, reviewing the state of all mechanical, electrical, and public health systems—resulting in detailed condition survey reports that evaluate each system in detail. This allows our clients to have an accurate measurement of the efficiency of their systems, their expected lifecycles, and an understanding of the implications of Decarbonisation.

03 / Technical Due Diligence (TDD) Reports

Our reports are important for identifying risks, planning for future maintenance expenditures and ensuring that our clients are well-informed about an investment.

Our team of commercial building surveyors and building service engineers can provide timely and thorough building survey reports, tailored to your specific needs.

DSSR can survey a single building or an entire portfolio, flagging up any defects, disrepair, or other issues that we find. We will also assess your building’s compliance with all relevant regulations, as well as provide advice on energy efficiency, decarbonisation, and other sustainability measures.

If we identify any problems, we can coordinate additional specialist investigations and, where necessary, recommend remediation solutions.

04 / Specialist Lead

Hugh Currie


Hugh Currie is a Consultant with more than 35 years of industry experience, overseeing the successful completion of a wide range of MEP projects.

His experience in the property and construction industry includes the delivery of Commercial, Industrial, High Tech, Education, Law & Order and Research & Development property schemes.

Hugh is the DSSR Lead on MEPH Building Surveying, including FM advice, procurement and monitoring, Condition Inspections / Reports, Technical Diligence Reports (sale, purchase and lease) and Dilapidations assessments (landlords and occupiers.

06 / Contact

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