01 / Lighting Design

Specialist In Lighting Design

Effective lighting design is crucial in establishing a connection between a building and its occupants, providing them with the necessary function, comfort, and safety.

At DSSR, we understand the importance of keeping up with the constantly evolving lighting technologies, philosophies, and regulations, and have adapted our lighting design principles accordingly. We work closely with design team members to create lighting solutions which are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and conform to all lighting design regulations.

02 / Latest Lighting Design Technology

Utilising the latest technology in lighting design

At DSSR we continuously evaluate the technology advancements in lighting to inform our clients of the benefits in both CAPEX and OPEX of the products on the market.

As the most ubiquitous technology across all sectors and projects, lighting has evolved significantly in recent years. The introduction of wirelessly connected devices and low-cost integrated sensors within luminaires has opened up a wide range of value-added functionality to a building’s lighting stock.

These advancements allow for improved energy efficiency, enhanced occupant comfort, and increased safety and security. We strive to incorporate these new technologies into our lighting design principles to deliver sustainable solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

We use both ReluxPro and DIALux 4.12 software packages to support the design process. DSSR is well versed with the relevant industry lighting codes, including CIBSE The Society of Light & Lighting – Code for Lighting (2002) and CIBSE LG 7 – Office Lighting (2015).

03 / Bespoke Lighting Design

Adaptive design to suit each unique environment

Each project is unique, and there can be great variation in the lighting applications within each project, so our approach must be highly bespoke.

DSSR needs to work with clients from across all sectors—education, healthcare, industrial, and commercial—to identify and overcome their specific lighting challenges.

Whether the main driver for a specific project is comfort, functionality, aesthetics, controls, or energy management, DSSR ensures the vision of our clients is realised.

With a wealth of experience in lighting design, our team of experts works closely with each client to ensure their projects achieve their full potential.

04 / Specialist Lead

Ben Hughes

Senior Electrical Engineer

With a BSc in Lighting Design & Technology coupled with experience working in the design and engineering teams of lighting & smart building technology manufacturers,

Ben applies his wealth of lighting and controls knowledge to provide our clients guidance on compliant, creative and efficient solutions for your project.

06 / Contact

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