01 / Building Performance Modelling Expertise

Specialists in the usage of Building Performance Modelling

Building Performance Modelling is a specialism which adds value to our designs by helping to reduce capital and life cycle costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and provide environments which occupants are satisfied with.The DSSR Building Performance Modelling Team carries out assessments using our modelling software of choice: the accredited, dynamic simulation software, IES VE.

02 / Building Performance Modelling Specialists

In very general terms, a model is a representation, often three-dimensional, of a structure system or procedure. DSSR creates models to illustrate the thermal performance of our designs.

02 / Building Performance Modelling Specialists

On any design project, the RIBA Stage 1/2 is normally the domain of the Architect and is generally the stage where conceptual building layouts are being developed.

This is traditionally seen as being too early to be passed to the Engineers to allow the structure and services to be designed. However, in recent years DSSR has been providing more assistance to developers and their design teams during these early stages to help optimise the building design in terms of energy and environmental performance. At all stages of the design, we can provide dynamic simulation modeling as a means of reviewing the design and simulating the expected building energy requirements and in turn building carbon dioxide emissions.

03 / Building Performance Modelling Specialists

Building Performance Modelling is integral to all our design services, however, it can also be provided as a standalone service to our clients.

Our modelling workflows align with the requirements of industry net zero carbon standards and meet the quality standards of our Low Carbon Energy Assessor accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers.

Throughout the building design and construction, our expertise in operational energy, occupant comfort and building regulatory modelling processes inform design decisions, guide net zero carbon strategies, test design variations and validate as-built performance.

Our modelling team have extensive experience with industry-wide modelling guidance as well as sustainability rating and funding schemes such as SDaC, CIBSE TM54, CIBSE TM52 & TM59, Guide O, BB101, BREEAM, SALIX, LEIP and many more.

04 / Specialist Lead

Carina McKinney


Carina is a Chartered Engineer and accredited Low Carbon Energy Assessor (UK wide) & Section 63 Advisor (Scotland) with nearly 20 years’ experience in Building Performance Modelling.

Carina leads our centre of building modelling expertise and has extensive experience in using the IES virtual environment software to provide modelling assessments throughout the building design and construction.

This includes decarbonisation studies, daylighting and occupant comfort studies, operational energy assessments, Section 6 and Part L testing and energy performance optimisation reviews.

Carina has developed particular knowledge of providing cost-effective building improvement advice for new and existing buildings, with a look ahead to future industry requirements.

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