01 / Healthcare

Specialists in designing building services for the Healthcare sector.

With more than 75 years of experience in building services design, DSSR specialises in providing high-quality MEP designs for the healthcare sector. We work with both end clients and contractors to deliver innovative, specialist solutions which benefit from our extensive experience and expertise.

02 / Live Environments

Working within live environments

The safe, reliable operation of MEP systems is of critical importance to the functionality of healthcare projects. MEP systems not only provide essential supplies to critical healthcare equipment and systems but will also help to provide a physical internal environment that can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of staff, patients and visitors.

DSSR has a proven track record of delivery of successful MEP solutions for complex major healthcare projects within ‘live’ healthcare environments, working with various NHS boards and other participants across many years.

We have extensive experience delivering our services in highly serviced and occupied buildings that have common clinical requirements, such as working on a live site, service continuity and maintainability, HAI-SCRIBE implementation, energy and carbon efficiency agenda, and tight cost constraints (Capital and Revenue).

03 / Net Zero Carbon

Net Zero Carbon in the NHS

DSSR is committed to delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service which in turn will have significant health benefits through minimising waste and reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions.

In previous projects, we have embraced net zero carbon by enhancing the existing NHS building stock by improving energy efficiency & incorporating on-site renewables and where possible, switching from natural gas to electricity-led systems.

By embracing this switch, we have helped numerous developments to work towards NHS Trust’s aspirations of net zero carbon. Whilst net zero carbon will remain at the forefront of the design approach, HTM compliance must also be embedded within the design and therefore limitations of solutions will be offset by other means.

04 / Modular Construction

Utilising Modern Methods of Construction in Healthcare

DSSR has been involved in the design and implementation of various systems and methodologies which embrace the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) ethos, such as repeatable components, modularisation, off-site manufacture, and modern systems.

As part of our involvement in multiple government-funded projects—and healthcare projects in particular—DSSR has gained a good understanding not only limited to the MEP systems but on the wider possibilities for other disciplines such as the architectural and structural.

Government-funded projects are becoming increasingly required to achieve a greater level of MMC; a recent project we designed had a target of 80% MMC.

MMC options can realise benefits for quality and programme & cost. For example, DSSR has actively been involved in the P22 repeatable rooms initiative whereby the aim is to standardise certain components across the entire Framework. This allows preferential purchase rates to be achieved and can lower costs compared to a one-off purchase.

It is important that where MMC is to be used, the principles of MMC are adopted from the outset to realise the benefits that can be achieved. For example, aiming to standardise room layouts and components allows for repeatability, which can in turn benefit the programme and costs.

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05 / Specialist Capabilities

Sector Specific Specialists

As a specialist provider to the healthcare sector, we have a range of capabilities specific to healthcare projects. For example, DSSR has extensive experience in the delivery of a wide range of medical gas engineering projects.

Decades of experience across all of our offices allow all of our engineers to benefit from valuable knowledge to aid them in the designs of all medical gas systems with the added benefit of the expertise of our sector lead and in-house HTM02-01 medical gas authorised person (MGPSAP).

We work nationally with many NHS Trusts across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all while adhering to our fully audited and accredited Quality Management System to ISO9001;2008 as required by HTM02-01.

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06 / Case Studies

Relevant Case Studies

Below is a selection of case studies demonstrating our experience and expertise within the Healthcare sector:

07 / Sector Lead

David Guilfoyle


David has a wealth of experience in the delivery of Healthcare facilities throughout the UK & Ireland, with projects spanning all aspects of care in Acute. Primary care and Mental Health settings.

His in-depth knowledge of the HTM’s & HBN’s allows him to offer compliant engineering solutions that meet the Client’s needs.

David is passionate about the Healthcare sector and is fully embedded in the future of the sector, especially the decarbonisation of the Healthcare Estates and the drive to Net Zero.

09 / Sector Lead

Matthew Day

Regional Director

Matthew is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and the Regional Director responsible for the Harrogate Office, with more than 30 years of experience with DSSR Consulting Engineers.

Regional Director

His experience and knowledge of HTM/HBN/ADB guidance have been instrumental in the successful and innovative design of numerous Operating Theatres, CCUs, Isolation Rooms, Imaging & Radio diagnostics and Pharmacy Departments nationally.

08 / Contact

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