01 / Utility Consultancy Expertise

Consultants specialising in utility infrastructure strategies and reporting.

At DSSR, we have extensive experience with the provision of utility consultancy (i.e. electrical, water, gas, telecoms and heat networks) across a number of projects in a variety of market sectors. This includes the introduction of new utility infrastructure (i.e. utility demand assessments, applications to the respective utility providers to obtain quotations, and the provision of technical consultancy through the 'build' phase), disconnections, and utility diversions.

02 / Utility Consultancy Experience

DSSR has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of utility consultancy across various market sectors.

At DSSR we provide early input utility consultancy to clients at the feasibility stage all the way through construction including;

  • Existing Utility Record searches, analysis and reporting
  • Utility Feasibility Studies
  • Utility Load assessments
  • Utility services strategy (inc. disconnections, diversionary and proposed services)
  • Existing Utility services alterations and upgrades
  • Preparation and tendering of multi-utility contracts
  • Utility applications and quotations
  • Procurement of new utility infrastructure proposals
  • Liaison with utility network operators
  • Utility assets value analysis and client negotiations
  • Incorporation of renewable energy strategies
03 / Sustainable Masterplanning

We have significant expertise in infrastructure planning and implementation for masterplan projects that cater to a variety of uses, including residential, commercial, retail, and industrial purposes.

Our experience continues with the delivery of a number of Masterplan Development projects across residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-use schemes. Our involvement in Masterplan developments has included critical utility diversionary works and new primary and secondary utility infrastructure in support of the masterplan. Drawing from a wealth of experience. DSSR takes the lead on behalf of the client to liaise with each of the respective utility companies.

Our knowledge base in infrastructure projects includes solutions for residential masterplan developers, including establishing the appropriate interfaces and utility connection arrangements between the masterplan developer and the housebuilding developer.

By approaching utility infrastructure holistically, DSSR ensures we meet the requirements of Masterplan Developers—including utility infrastructure load assessment—to support current and future demands.

04 / EV Charging

Experience in the infrastructure design for electric vehicle charging (EV)

We have the experience and expertise necessary to design the utility infrastructure needed to support electric vehicle charging stations. With a strong understanding of the latest industry trends and technologies, DSSR’s team of skilled engineers can provide custom-tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of each site.

Whether it’s a commercial, industrial, or residential site, we have the knowledge and experience to integrate and coordinate the installation of EV charging stations into any site. Our holistic approach considers all relevant aspects of EV installation, including site analysis of the electrical infrastructure, to deliver the best possible solution for our clients.

05 / Specialist Lead

Daniel Scott


Daniel is an Associate Engineer with DSSR who has been extensively involved in providing utility consultancy services across residential, commercial, industrial and masterplan developments.

Daniel is experienced in providing feasibility stage utility assessments, preparation of utility servicing strategies and tender design packages, as well as providing design monitoring and onsite inspection reviews to ensure that the project requirements are met.

He is also supported by a wider team of mechanical and electrical design engineers with experience in HV electrical networks and private utilities Infrastructure. Daniel specialises in public utility consultancy across DSSR’s diverse portfolio of work to integrate utility services with DSSR building services and substantiality expertise.

07 / Contact

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