Case Study

University of Glasgow

01 / Case Study

University of Glasgow

DSSR has been working with The University of Glasgow for decades, completing an extensive portfolio of projects within the historic buildings on the main campus.

Location / Glasgow

Contract Value / N/A

Architect / Various

Client / University of Glasgow

Completion / Ongoing

02 / Overview

Overview of the University of Glasgow project

Refurbishment and bespoke fit-out of historic ‘B’ Listed Scottish Water Pump House building to provide exceptional contemporary office accommodation for owner-occupiers Malin Marine.

DSSR Consulting Engineers has enjoyed a longstanding and successful partnership with The University of Glasgow spanning several decades. Over the course of our partnership, we have completed an extensive portfolio of projects within the historic buildings on the main campus.

Advanced building services

The bulk of our portfolio consists of general teaching spaces and a significant number of laboratories, which have played a key role in the University’s research and teaching missions. Our contributions have included the provision of advanced building services that are customised to meet the specific requirements of each project, while ensuring that the historic character of the buildings is preserved.

Our team of expert engineers has demonstrated specialist capability in working within the restrictions associated with listed buildings. We have been able to complete several refurbishment projects while maintaining the integrity of the historical structures. These include the redevelopment of laboratories in the West Medical Building, a CAT 3 refurbishment of the Joseph Black Building, and a CAT 3 redevelopment of rooms for the Department of Virology.

Heritage and preservation

Our work with The University of Glasgow has been characterised by a deep understanding of the importance of heritage and preservation in historic buildings. We have worked closely with the University’s team of experts to ensure that all our designs and solutions are sympathetic to the historical context of the buildings, while incorporating the latest technology and building services to meet the needs of modern research and teaching.

Through our long-standing partnership with The University of Glasgow, we have demonstrated our technical expertise, innovative approach and commitment to excellence in providing building services that meet the highest standards.

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