Case Study

Scania, Falkirk

01 / Case Study

Scania, Falkirk

We are proud to see the completion of yet another sustainable facility for Scania UK as we continue to work together to decarbonise their UK operations.

Location  /  Falkirk

Contract Value  /  £8m

Architect  /  Cooper Cromar

Client  /  West Ranga Group

Completion  /  2023

02 / Overview

Overview of the Scania Falkirk project

We are proud to have worked with Scania UK to deliver the sustainable design of a market-leading facility, which “is among the most sustainable industrial buildings in Scotland", hosting a range of energy efficiency features including an air source heat pump system, electric vehicle testing and charging stations, photovoltaic panels, and high-performance windows.

As part of a wider project involving Scania, DSSR provided a full mechanical, electrical, and energy design for their latest servicing facility in Falkirk.

This project follows the Eurocentral facility which is to be a model for a range of new decarbonised Scania service facilities, several of which are already under construction.

Scania chose a future-oriented, fully decarbonised environmental solution for their new facilities, in addition to low-energy mixed-mode and VRV solutions in the office areas.

DSSR also assisted the client in preparing a Decarbonization Report to support their global company directive for renewable energy solutions that would eliminate the need for natural gas in their facilities.

We conducted options assessments for ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, and electrical infrared heating to determine the best solution for both sustainability and capital costs.

The impressive building is completely fossil-free and boasts a range of sustainable features, including:

  • A high-efficiency underfloor air source heating system
  • Sustainable drainage and environmental containment in accordance with local regulations
  • Water recycling in its vehicle wash
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Roof-mounted energy-generating photovoltaic panels
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