Case Study


01 / Case Study


DSSR was appointed to provide M&E design services for the conversion and refurbishment of a 5,500 square meter business center located in Stamford, near Peterborough.

Location / Stamford

Contract Value / £12.2m

Architect / Trehearne

Client / Alltech / John Paul Construction

Completion / 2018

02 / Overview

Overview of the Alltech project

The main contractor for the project was John Paul Construction, who was responsible for the design and build aspects of the project, overseeing the entire construction process.

The project involved the conversion and extension of an existing warehouse into a modern office space with specialized areas, including a museum, an English-style pub, and staff facilities. The goal was to transform the building into a functional and attractive business center that met the needs of modern office users.

Carefully tailored design

The accommodation was primarily located on the ground floor, providing office and meeting room spaces for various business activities. Additionally, office space was created at the first-floor level, expanding the available working areas. The design was carefully tailored to suit the requirements of the business center, taking into consideration the specific needs of the various spaces within the building, such as the museum, pub, and staff facilities.

As part of the M&E design services provided by DSSR, various mechanical and electrical systems were integrated into the building. This included designing and implementing efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure optimal comfort and indoor air quality for the occupants. Electrical systems, including power distribution, lighting, and data cabling, were also carefully designed and integrated to meet the needs of a modern office environment. Additionally, public health systems, such as plumbing and drainage, were designed to ensure efficient water supply and waste management throughout the building.

From warehouse to a contemporary office space

The coordination and collaboration between DSSR, John Paul Construction, and other stakeholders were crucial in ensuring the successful completion of the project. The conversion and refurbishment of the business center transformed the existing warehouse into a contemporary office space with specialised areas, providing a functional and attractive environment for businesses to operate in.

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