We have recently been appointed to take part on The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Decarbonisation Plan. The project will comprises of three distinct phases aimed at transforming the Christie site into a sustainable healthcare facility.

The scope of The Christie NHS Trust Decarbonisation Plan involves three phases. We are currently only appointed for Phase 1, focusing on gathering information and developing high-level energy reduction strategies based on site assessments, building functions, and existing plant installations. This includes exploring passive measures, energy-efficient systems, and renewable energy sources following the Mean, Lean, Clean Energy Hierarchy.

Phase 2 entails a detailed site assessment to prioritise energy-saving opportunities and develop strategies for improving thermal and MEP services performance. Discussions with the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) will begin to address potential electrical infrastructure upgrades required for electrification.

Phase 3 will implement detailed MEP schemes up to RIBA Stage 4 for tender purposes, integrating identified decarbonisation options. Outcomes will be presented in a report detailing energy and carbon savings for each option, along with recommendations and potential costs, supporting The Christie NHS Trust’s commitment to sustainable healthcare infrastructure.