The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust Hospital Transformation Project

The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust (SaTH) Hospital Transformation Project (HTP) represents a monumental endeavour, with an approximate out-turn cost of £312 million and a construction value of £180 million. This project, stretching from its commencement in December 2023 to the anticipated completion in 2028.

Our Aim

This project aims to enhance healthcare delivery for approximately 500,000 individuals annually, emphasising its pivotal role in providing life-saving emergency care and treatments.

At the heart of this monumental project lies the carefully planned and executed energy centre. Serving as the backbone of the hospital’s infrastructure, this critical component embodies the project’s commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency. The comprehensive scope of works encompasses the enabling and reconfiguration of the existing emergency department, which involves 18 distinct phases. Leveraging limited provisions such as a new Air Handling Unit (AHU) and electrical switch room, the project strategically utilises existing infrastructure to minimise both time and capital expenditure, all while bolstering sustainability credentials.

Noteworthy features

The technical complexity of the energy centre extends far beyond its physical footprint. It involves advanced systems and technologies meticulously integrated to optimise energy usage and reduce carbon emissions. Noteworthy features include a sophisticated thermal heating and cooling networks utilising air source heat pumps, carefully selected to enhance energy efficiency and operational resilience. These initiatives align closely with sustainability targets, positioning the project as a pioneer in healthcare infrastructure development. Through innovative design and strategic planning, the energy centre serves as a testament to DSSR’s commitment to excellence and sustainability in healthcare engineering. Additionally, the project has a target of reaching BREEAM Excellent and aims to meet the NHS Net Zero Carbon Sustainability targets.


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