Celebrating 75 years of the NHS

On this special occasion of the NHS’s 75th anniversary, DSSR proudly stands alongside the healthcare community in celebrating its achievements and embracing a sustainable future.

Looking to the future, DSSR is excited to continue playing a part in shaping its future by helping to deliver a ‘Net Zero’ NHS. By designing more efficient building services, we aim to help the NHS tackle the challenge of operational carbon through energy-efficient designs, the adoption of on-site renewables, and the transition to electricity-led systems.

By integrating sustainable design principles, innovative technologies, and collaborative partnerships, we strive to contribute to a greener and more resilient healthcare system for generations to come.

We recognise the importance of delivering a ‘Net Zero’ NHS, not only for the environmental benefits but also for the significant positive impact it can have on public health. By improving the energy efficiency of existing NHS buildings and incorporating on-site renewables, we have played a vital role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and minimising waste.

By reducing carbon dioxide emissions, we can improve air quality and mitigate the negative impact of climate change on public health. Cleaner air promotes respiratory health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and enhances overall well-being. Furthermore, sustainable healthcare facilities provide a positive healing environment for patients and a healthier workplace for healthcare professionals.

One of our key approaches has been to facilitate the switch from natural gas to electricity-led systems, enabling numerous developments to align with the NHS Trust’s aspirations for a net zero carbon future. This commitment to sustainability remains at the forefront of our design approach, ensuring that our projects contribute to a greener and healthier NHS.

Sponsoring NHS Forest

DSSR is a proud sponsor of The NHS Forest, a charity which inspires and supports healthcare sites in transforming their green space for health, wellbeing and biodiversity. NHS Forest supports the creation of beautiful gardens for rest and recovery; woodland, hedgerows and meadows that create habitats for wildlife and social spaces for people; and growing space for fruit and vegetables.

Our most recent donation supported the planting of 500 trees, planted at Milnrow and Newhay Medical Centre in Rochdale. Pupils from three schools were involved in planting an orchard, hedgerows and woodland.