Sustainability & Building Modelling specialists from DSSR recently attended the Project Launch for a UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings (NZCB) Standard.

DSSR has registered to support the implementation of the NZCB standard by taking part in a beta test where we would look at the operational energy used by buildings.

Operational Carbon vs. Embodied Carbon

DSSR specialises in the design of building services, so our focus is on eliminating or reducing the carbon output caused by the building’s day-to-day operation. This is referred to as a building’s ‘operational carbon’.

DSSR affects operational carbon by reducing the level of energy a building needs to use in order to function and, where possible, only using energy generated from renewable sources.

This new standard will set out metrics by which net zero carbon performance is evaluated, as well as the necessary performance targets / limits which need to be met.

This standard is a significant milestone in the UK’s journey to Net Zero Carbon, and as a specialist in sustainability, it is very exciting to have the chance to contribute to its development. This will be a standard 100% designed by the industry, for the industry. Carina McKinney, DSSR Associate