DSSR Donates Easter Eggs to Local Disability Charity

Recently, Kirsten and Bill visited a local charity, Possobilities with a view to helping them out with some sponsorship.

Over the last 33 years, Possobilities has developed into one of the most respected voluntary organisations in Glasgow. They have a proven track record of offering support and respite to disabled and vulnerable people in our community.

Possobilities give members with disabilities access to the resources they require and support them to grow, learn and develop so that they can achieve their goals within society rather than feel isolated in their own homes. Their purpose-built centre at Possobilities gives their members confidence to grow in a safe environment at their own pace while also encouraging them to try new things.

When we visited, they were contemplating whether or not they could afford Easter, so staff in Glasgow had a whip-round and delivered over 100 eggs in time to brighten up their easter.

We will be doing more with this excellent charity; they are clearly operating at the margins where small donations can make a big difference. We’ll keep you in touch with our plans as they develop.