DSSR Supporting the Extension of John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Working with MTX Contracts, DSSR was commissioned to design the building services for a new £29m critical care building.


Posted 8 months ago



John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Construction work begins on a new 48-bed healthcare project in Oxford, extending the footprint of the existing John Radcliffe Hospital.

DSSR has designed the building services for the construction of a new £29m critical care building, extending the capabilities of the hospital. Delivered by MTX Contracts, the new building will significantly increase the number of ICU beds for seriously-ill patients.

The building represents a vital investment by the NHS Trust in the region’s capacity to deliver critical care beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling them to prepare for seasonal and potential epidemic pressures in the future.

The construction methodology has utilised modern methods of construction and off-site manufacture—all with a view to delivering a state-of-the-art facility within an extremely efficient timeframe.

Modern Methods of Construction

As with the John Radcliffe Hospital project, DSSR has been involved in the design and implementation of various systems and methodologies which embrace the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) ethos.

As part of our involvement on multiple government-funded projects—and healthcare projects in particular—DSSR has gained a thorough understanding of MMC which extends beyond our remit of MEP systems to the wider possibilities for other disciplines, including architectural and structural.


Above: Another Example of Modular Construction at Russells Hall Hospital with DSSR and MTX Contracts


Public sector projects are increasingly required to achieve a greater level of MMC which can realise benefits for quality and programme & cost. For example, DSSR has actively been involved in the P22 repeatable rooms initiative, whereby the aim is to standardise certain components across the entire framework. This allows preferential purchase rates to be achieved, lowering the costs as compared to a one-off purchase.

DSSR has been actively involved in the delivery of healthcare facilities utilising modular construction—an approach that is increasingly being used by trusts throughout the UK—to provide excellent healthcare facilities within shorter timescales.