Following Team GB Gold & Silver, DSSR Reflects on National Curling Academy Project

With Gold and Silver success in the 2022 Winter Olympics, DSSR looks back on the creation of The National Curling Academy - one of our most unique projects in recent years.


Posted 4 months ago



Following the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, DSSR is delighted to celebrate the women’s and men’s Team GB curlers teams.

Congratulations to Eve Muirhead’s team for collecting the sole Gold medal victory for Team GB—with the joint-biggest winning margin in a final for the sport—and to Bruce Mouat’s team for GB’s sole Silver medal victory.

DSSR is particularly proud to have contributed to the development of Team GB’s National Curling Academy in Stirling, undertaking full design duties for the National Curling Academy. In order to maintain perfect conditions, DSSR focused on creating the perfect environment through temperature control, humidity control, and air movement to maintain exceptionally high-quality ice across the four sheets.

An extension to The Peak leisure centre, the world-class training facilities at the elite training centre provided access for the first time in the UK to year-round high quality ice for all GB athletes in the Olympic Podium, Podium Potential, Paralympic and Performance Foundation.

Congratulations to Eve Muirhead, Vicky Wright, Jennifer Dodds, Hailey Duff, and Mili Smith for their gold medal victory, and to Bruce Mouat, Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, and Hammy McMillan for their silver medal victory.