DSSR Attends All-Energy Decarbonise Conference

DSSR was proud to attend this conference which connects those working with renewable and low-carbon energy solutions, helping the UK become a world leader in low carbon energy technologies, embrace social changes, and reduce emissions.


Posted 1 week ago



The All-Energy Decarbonise Conference returned to the SEC this week, following a pandemic-related hiatus, and DSSR was eager to attend. The well-attended event provided a range of fascinating insights into the creative plans to tackle crucial decarbonisation challenges.

DSSR was represented at the event by Carina McKinney, an Associate specialising in Thermal Modelling and Building Performance, and Rachel Mason, a Senior Sustainability Specialist within the Sustainability team.


    Carina McKinney

“I attended a session on Energy storage and decarbonising the industry, the latter focusing on replacing natural gas with hydrogen for industrial manufacturing processes such as carbon capture and storage.

“Although, these topics do not directly relate to our day-to-day work in decarbonising the built environment, I find it interesting and inspiring to get an insight into the decarbonisation challenges other industries are facing and what potential solutions have been considered.

“It was also great to be able to network with colleagues at the Science Centre afterwards. I had the opportunity to speak with to Marine Engineers, Digital Twin Modelling Professionals, and Research staff from Strathclyde University.”



   Rachel Mason

“All-Energy and Decarbonise is always a joy to attend. Each year it provides an excellent opportunity to network with others and learn about new and innovative approaches to challenges we currently face within the industry.

“I particularly enjoyed the talks on ‘Innovation need in supporting our urban environments achieving net zero’, and ‘Security of the supply in the future, zero carbon electricity systems’.

“Although there has been a hiatus in the last few years, it was great to be back face to face with people who have a similar passion for providing sustainable solutions.

“With the climate emergency an ever-pressing issue, and our journey to Net Zero accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, collaboration will be the key to ensuring the industry steps up to the challenges ahead. That is what’s great about All-Energy: it provides the space to nurture a multi-disciplinary technical approach.”